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Malaysia Trip 2012

Hello! This one is supposed to be posted hours ago before January 1, 2013 but because I didn't have much time to blog earlier, I decided to post it now.

In this post I will share our out of the country trips. For this entry I'm gonna write about our trip in Malaysia. 

Gyun Wo's uncle who lives in Penang Malaysia once told Gyun Wo that we can visit him when we're not busy at work. Actually we planned to go there last August for my exit to get a new stamp again for my pass.. but instead we went to Batam Indonesia hehe! So we filed for a couple of days of vacation leave and luckily the application is approved by our boss. 

December 22 - 9:30PM, Golden Mile Tower Beach Road Singapore, this is the place where we took Konsortium Bas Ekspres bus which will take us to our destination! It will take 10-12 hours before we will arrive to Penang but we're ready for that. We bought neck pillows and snacks with us. Haha! After few minutes or hours (I forgot how long it took us to get to our next stop) we went out the bus for passport checking in SG immigration. Then we went back to our bus. 

Few minutes/hours later we arrived in Malaysia and went out to for passport and baggage scanning/checking. After that we transferred to another bus which is a snoozer bus. It has mini tv where we can watch movies or listen to the songs available on the device. Unfortunately mine is not working so I wasn't able to watch much. We just slept on the bus and waited til we reach Penang. There are also several stops for toilet breaks hehe.

We reached Penang Malaysia at past 7 o'clock in the morning. We are expecting to arrive at 9:30 but we're already there before 8:00AM. Then Gyun Wo sent SMS to his uncle to inform him that we have arrived. His uncle replied that it will take him 20 minutes to get there. So, we waited.

When his uncle arrived he was with his son. Gyun Wo introduced me to them and then we went to a hawker place for breakfast. They ordered different kinds of dim sum, and Penang's sweet milk tea. I like the dim sum and the milk tea. His uncle and cousin are both nice which made it easy for me to talk to them though I don't really know what to tell them (you know.. me being a not so friendly and talkative to new friends that I just met hehe).

After having breakfast we went to their house and we met Gyun Wo's auntie and cousins and their cute pets! 3 dogs and 1 cat, I forgot their breed -_- Well as expected Gyun Wo had fun playing with their pets and I was a bit afraid when the dogs starts to bark or sniff my feet. Haha!

Few minutes later we went to our next destination... a temple which name I forgot -_-! We spent our time walking, looking, and taking pictures of the scenery inside and outside the temple. Then after hours of walking around and taking pictures in the temple we went to another hawker for lunch. They ordered Chinese food and we all talked about different stuffs. After lunch we went to Paramount Hotel to check in and leave our baggage in our room. We also took a rest for awhile.

Oh the road to Butterfly Farm is not so good! Haha! It's a zigzag road and it took an hour or over an hour to reach the place by car. Gyun Wo's uncle is very good in driving but sometimes I feel dizzy because of the zigzag road. -_- When we arrived in the farm we took pictures again with the butterflies, insects, fish, etc.

After staying for an hour in butterfly farm we went out and headed to a seafood restaurant that is located near the beach. While waiting for the food they ordered Gyun Wo and I took pictures in a swing and near the beach hehe! We are both dizzy and starving that time! Hahaha!

The food they ordered are all good. I'm so full when we're done eating. Haha! After our dinner we went back to our hotel and slept! End of Day 1 in Penang.

The next post will be about our trip in Thailand. =)

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