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My Birthday!

This post is about my birthday weeks ago. Haha! Yes, because I just turned 25 last December 31, 2012.

Let's start by recalling what happened the night before my day. December 30 (Sunday), Gyun Wo suggested that we wait until the clock strikes 12.. which means we will welcome my birthday! I agreed though I feel a bit sleepy that time. We talked about different things while we're waiting for midnight. He's yawning a lot which makes me think that he's really really sleepy that night and he's trying hard not to sleep because he was the one who suggested that we will wait until 12 then we'll sleep. I asked him if he still wants to continue waiting haha! I can feel that he really wants to sleep because we have work the next day and we need to get up early but he waited with me even if he looks so sleepy!!!

Then when it's already 12 midnight, he greeted me and gave me 3 birthday greeting cards with messages he wrote on each. He knows I like reading love letters especially when it's written by him though sometimes I find it hard to read and understand some of the words because of his Japanese like penmanship haha! I started reading and looking at each card he gave me. They're all so cute. I love the messages he wrote for me. 

Days before my birthday while I'm looking at his phone because I sometimes borrow it to use it for chikka messaging, viber, playing music, or looking at the notes or messages. Then I saw a note entitled 'Happy Birthday' so I was curious and opened it. I read one line and decided to close it. Haha! When I told him that he thought I read the whole note haha! I told him I only read the first line telling me that he doesn't have any surprise for me. 

The next morning since he went to work half day because it's New Year's eve, he arrived home earlier than me. I stayed in the office til 2:30 in the afternoon and by that time he's already home. My boss told me I can leave at 2:30 since there is no urgent task to do so I left the office at 2:30. I took the yellow or circle line (mrt) because I'm lazy to walk to transfer to another station. Then because of some changes in the train schedule and destination, I wasn't able to go home early. I have to get off the train in Serangoon station but the train terminates in different station so I have to get off and wait for another train. Took another one (circle line) and it terminates to different station again so I decided to get off near S'goon and take a cab! So I did.. I waited and I was bored waiting for a cab while it's raining heavily. I went inside the mrt station again to top up my mrt card and checked if there is a train going to S'goon. When I saw that there's still none, I went out the station again and walked to a bus stop. I checked if there is a bus going to our place and luckily there is. Then after few seconds of waiting the bus arrived and I was able to go home at 4:30! >.<

Gyun Wo cooked carbonara pasta for me and we ate it because we're both so hungry haha! He told me how he cooked it and I told him how long it took me to get home after leaving the office at 2:30. XD

Gifts? Greetings from other people? Hmm.. Gyun Wo told me that we will look and buy new glasses for me. I've been using my eyeglass for over a year already so it is time to get a new one. There are a lot of greetings from my friends posted on my Facebook account. My family when I talked to them they bought a bithday cake for me and I was so touched and happy that I wanted to cry but I did not cry haha! 

Then we went to a place here in SG to watch the fireworks display as we wait and welcome the year 2013. There are a looooot of people who waited and enjoyed the different fireworks on the dark sky. The fireworks display lasted for 7 minutes, after that we went home and sleep while he wrote something for his family and loved ones. 

The next day we just spent our new year's day at home. We watched movies, ate fruits and junk foods, drank vodka and sleep. Haha! That's it. 

It was a very happy birthday! OMG I can't believe I'm already 25! Haha!

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