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Thailand Trip 2012

This is a continuation of my previous post. This time I'll write about our Thailand trip.

I think we started the day by checking out in Paramount Hotel and going to Gyun Wo's uncle's house. We waited for everyone to be ready and when they're done, we started our journey to Hat Yai Thailand via car. 

Hehe! We stopped to have brunch and exchanged our Sing dollars to Thai Baht. Ah before that his uncle already treated us to Subway and ate a very delicious tuna and egg sandwich with veggies. 

It took 2-4 hours to reach Hat Yai. I forgot what time we arrived but as soon as we get there, the cars were parked in the Duty Free parking lot and then we took a van rented that will take us to our hotel and then when we arrived at Diamond Plaza Hotel we rest for awhile and then started shopping, eating, taking pictures, etc! Haha! We did the same thing the next day. We spent the Christmas Day in Thailand.

We enjoyed our stay in Thailand because of the cheap stuffs that we bought and some we ate! I love the roasted/fried chicken paired with sticky rice and deep fried crispy onions (simply the best Thai food I've tasted so far!), laksa, curry, chicken, chinese sausage, sugar cane juice, sweet milk tea, etc. I bought souvenir stuffs such as 'I love Hat Yai' shirts, 2 leggings, 1 pants, keychains, sotong (dried squid), bag, hmm what else.. I guess that's it. As for Gyun Wo he also bought I love Hat Yai shirt, shortpants, dried mango and his fave pistacchio nuts, keychains, hmm what else.. that's all I remember.

It's great to have such nice and fun company with you when traveling. Gyun Wo's uncle, aunt, cousins are fun to be with. They also help us bargain by talking to the people in Hokkien. The hotel accommodation and food are all 

free. We only spent money for our round-trip ticket (bus), and the stuffs we bought from shopping. Isn't that great?! Haha! 

Actually they're planning to go to the Night Market, Floating Market, and Elephant show or something but too bad that those are only available every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. 

We went back and arrived in Penang December 26 at 8 or 9 in the evening. The next day we packed our bags and went back to SG. 

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