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With my sis Cesang...

@Marina Bay
A good friend of mine visited SG last week and she stayed from January 5-8. Gyun Wo and I waited for her in Changi Airport Terminal 2. Actually we took a bus and we were able to arrive on time in the airport but we got into a different terminal haha! We are in terminal 3 when we should be waiting in terminal 2. We checked on how to get there and found out we only need to ride the skytrain. So we waited and took the skytrain. When we arrived in Terminal 2 I kept on trying to call or sms my friend because we're worried that she is already somewhere in the airport. Then we kept on waiting for her until Gyun Wo saw her. 
From the airport we went to the hotel where she booked a room. Then she asked us to accompany her that night. She paid extra fee for the two of us (Gyun Wo and I) to stay overnight in her room. After she's done with the check-in we went to Marina Bay to take pictures with baby Merlion. After taking pictures and chatting about different stuffs, we went to Makansutra for dinner. We ordered fried rice, seafood (forgot the name) and fried breaded prawns. When we're done eating we went to Gardens by the bay. Too bad it was late that time that it was so dark. We couldn't really view the beauty of the place.. but despite that we managed to take a lot of pictures. After spending some time walking in GBTB, we went home (her hotel room) and sleep.

The next day we went to Universal Studios and met her friend Pat. He's gay and he's so fun to be with..he's new found friend, thanks to Cesang. So, yeah, we spent the whole day in that amusement park. 
We tried some of the rides in the park including the galactica color blue rollercoaster which is known to be the most extreme ride and it's the first ride we tried! How was the ride? Crazy! I thought I'm gonna fall, I can't scream when we're upside down. I don't know how to explain how it feels like to ride it. When it's over I'm a bit dizzy I thought I couldn't walk straight haha! After that we tried 'the mummy', 'shrek 3d/4d', 'madagascar', 'light rollercoaster', transformers, etc. I forgot their exact name so I came up with what I just wrote haha! There are a lot of rollercoaster rides!

It was a great experience! It's my first time to try the rollercoaster ride and I survived! Gyun Wo and Pat tried the other rollercoaster ride in Galactica named Human which is likely similar to the blue one and they also tried the Lost World the ride where they become so wet because of water splashing etc. Haha! Cesang and I were so tired so we did not try those two rides. 
Dinner after our Universal Studios adventure!
We also watched a show of some of the members of street boys. We also went and had fun in Monster Live Rock show a musical show. Hmm.. what else.. I can't remember everything but I remember how scared, tired, and happy I was that day!

It was a very fun day! One word to describe the experience? Crazy! Haha! I had so much fun even if it doesn't show because I felt so exhausted that I couldn't really smile and laugh all the time Haha! Grumpy eh? maybe? I was so tired but it was so much fun! XD 

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