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After the fight...

The great thing about being with someone you love is when you fight and hurt each other but at the end of the day you'll realize it's better to lower your pride to apologize and work things out. No matter how mad you are with your partner you still want to be hugged. You can't imagine your life without him/her. You'd rather have fights with him sometimes in your relationship than losing him because of a fight. Sometimes you'll hurt each other but what's important is you still make sure that the love is still there.. no matter how mad and hurt you may feel. 

You both have to accept that no one is perfect. No relationship is perfect. There will come a time that you will fight over small or big things. What matter is you work things out and after the fight you learned your lessons. You acknowledge the fact that you both have contribution on whatever misunderstandings or reason you might have for that fight. You realize how much you really love and how much you are loved because no matter how bad you may be.. there's still someone who will always stay by your side. He/she may hurt you.. nag at you.. but the love he/she have for you will always be there. I guess that love will make him/her soften her heart to realize that fights should not be the reason to hate each other but love each other.

I guess that's love. When you really love the person, you can't stay mad at him/her for too long. One way or another even if you're hurting, you'll sacrifice your ego/pride just to be 'okay' with your partner. Being in a relationship does not always mean thinking about yourself, but most of the times, it's setting aside what you feel for the sake of your partner. Even if you're hurt and mad, you'll still choose to hug him and apologize. 

The reasons why you fight may sometimes be unreasonable or shallow or simple. It may not be a big deal but you made it so big, but then, as long as you let your partner know how you feel, and he explains his side, try to meet halfway. Just remember how much you love each other and the experiences you had together. Being with someone, being in a relationship doesn't mean that you'll always have 'good times' together, sometimes your relationship gets stronger when you are both tested by some challenges that can make you give up. That's the time you'll know how strong you are not only as a couple, but also as an individual. 

I'm glad I have someone who is stronger than me. He's teaching me a lot of things. Most of all, he love me so much no matter how crazy I can be most of the times. :)

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