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Girls' favorite topic!

I just realized how lucky some men are. You know why? Most of us girls ALWAYS talk about them. We talk about you when we are with our girlfriends, family, relatives, and colleagues. The topic of our blog is YOU most of the times. Sometimes be it happy or sad, single or in a relationship, happily taken or heart broken, the topic of our Facebook posts, tweets in Twitter, etc.. they are mostly about YOU. 

We post your pictures everywhere. Share with our loved ones what kind of human being are you. Haha! We are so proud of YOU. It's always YOU. 

Sometimes I can see some of my friends who are boys that do the same thing for their girl and I find it so sweet.

I don't know what with YOU boys that we girls love to talk about you. Maybe that's how much we love you. We want to tell the whole world about our feelings and our relationship. I hope some of YOU appreciate that effort. Don't be irritated if your girlfriend posts most of your photos in her social networking accounts or blogs! Haha! I find it cute and sweet. 

Why can't YOU do some of the things to your girl sometimes. Show how much you love and how proud of you to have her as your girl in every way possible.. in some unexpected ways. 

I just shared this one because I noticed that I'm one of those girls. I love talking about him. He's my favorite topic. I bet I'm not his, hehe! Anyway, that's how girls are. We are just really... cute! Haha!

I don't know how to end this post or what title should I give this one, so I'll just end it by saying, GIRLS ROCKS! :>

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