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9 months and 18 days... I've been AFH for that long already. I can't believe how time flies so fast. By the way AFH means 'Away From Home'.

I remember how Gyun Wo and I used to talk about our plan of going to a different country and to experience different things and meet different kind of people as we start our life together in a place which is miles away from home.

From the dreaming of being able to live and work abroad alone to learn a lot of things to sharing this dream to someone who I did not expect that will become my partner in crime.. until now that we are already living our dream.. I just feel so blessed for everything. I never thought it would be this exciting! We are still learning a lot of things as we go on our journey but as long as we have each other and our loved ones who are so loving and supportive to us I know that sooner or later our hardworking while we are here will result into something that we will be forever grateful. We took risks and God never left us. HE is with us with every step of the way and HE did not leave our loved ones.. HE makes sure they are always happy and safe.

I decided to post about this because I'm proud and happy. Soon I'll blog more about when we were just starting to adjust with the changes here. 

I used to dream going here alone but HE knows it' better to have a companion.. not only for this journey but someone who will be with me no matter what.

We are away from our families and friends. Most of the time we only have each other. But even if we are AFH I always think that no matter how far we may be from our loved ones, I just remind myself of a quote that says something like this 'We might always see each other but we are just living under the same blue sky, I could never be that far.' Sooner or later our goals here will all be done and we will go back to our hone countru to share whatever we have to our loved ones.

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