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Years ago I often wonder.. the next time I'll fall will it last? If it does, will it be that easy? I guess not.

I know people who have been through different stages in their relationship. Some broke up because of simple misunderstandings. Some because of cheating. But you know what, in the end they still managed to get back together and continue loving each other. I admire them so much. Why? Because if it happened to me.. if I've been cheated.. I don't know if I can forgive and forget.. I guess I'll leave and forget no matter how long will it take. Forgiving is easy, but forgetting is close to impossible for me.

I've been cheated once. Worst part is I knew about it when our relationship ends. Cheating, see how unforgettable it is for me? I can't forget not because I haven't moved on. I can't forget because it's something I must not experience again. It's also something I' won't do because I know how hard it is especially for the one being cheated.

Everytime I think about being in a long time relationship I always think that I might get so used to it that I'll get tired and I won't be as sweet as I am when the relationship is just new. But I was wrong. Now that I'm in an almost 2-year relationship I noticed how I did not change. I don't know if it's good or bad haha! I've been sweeter than before. I love him even more. I still miss him when we're not together. I still wait for his messages on my phone. I still love talking about him.

I wrote this because I dreamed that I was cheated by someone that I love so much.. someone to whom I'll give everything thay I can give. In my dream it hurts so much but I know if it happens in real life the feeling is something I can't properly describe. I guess I woke up crying. I think I'm just so afraid to be cheated on again.

Anyway I trust Gyun Wo.. I know he's different. I guess the sweetest he told me that I never forgot is this: 'You're all I need'. I don't know if he still remember that but yeah.. he sent me sms with that message.

As what an actress said in a movie I recently watched: 'TRUST...big word.'

Cheating whether intentional or accidental is something that can definitely hurt someone. If for others they can forgive and forget.. in my case.. I'll probably forgive but forget? Not so sure.. second chance is not in my dictionary if we're talking about cheating. I'm someone who will never cheat so I don't want to be cheated too.

Your partner is not perfect.. same goes with you..

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