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Life in SG: Introduction

Hello there! So.. I've been always planning and saying that one of these days I will share with you how it's like to live in Singapore. Since it's a weekend and I don't have much to do but to stay at home for today, I decided to start sharing now! Yup.. I want to share things that I can remember so if in case you want to go here to travel or to work then you'll have ideas on what it's like to be here, to work here, to live here, etc. I might not cover a lot of things about living in Singapore, but let's see how much I can share with you. Btw, the main focus of the next blog posts that I'm going to write is more about working and living here in SG. So here it is.

If you're someone who is thinking or planning or determined to work and live somewhere for whatever reasons you might have, the most important thing to do is to make sure that you are PREPARED. You must make sure that you are mentally, physically, financially, emotionally prepared. You must be! It's not going to be an easy adventure but it's not impossible to succeed for someone who knows what he wants and how to get it. So you're gonna need a PLAN.

PLAN. Make a plan for your upcoming adventure. What kind of work do you want? How long do you plan to stay here to live and work? What are the possible things that may happen along the way that can cause failure? You need to consider every side of everything. What if you succeed? What if you failed? You must have a PLAN.

RESEARCH. When you have come up with a plan and you are determined to achieve it. It becomes a goal. So the next thing to do is to do your research. Go explore WWW and search for everything that you need to know. You can't just go in a battle without bringing any weapon or strategy to win it, right? Search more about the country, how it's like to live and work here. What's the cost of living. How cheap or expensive the food, transportation, etc. How are the people. What are the laws. Do you research. Read. Read a lot.

RESUME. Update your resume. Search for a professional template that you can use. As much as possible make it a 2 page resume with important content. Do not put stuffs such as Class President, Member of Honor Students, etc. Do not put trainings you have attended when you're a student. You need to include information as a professional not as a student. Make sure you highlight important notes that can get the attention of the reader. Do more research to come up with a powerful resume. Oh, make sure you have a good looking 2x2 picture on your resume. Please do not put your photo wearing your graduation toga. I remember someone shared that putting such photo is like telling the recruiter that you are a fresh graduate. They need to see you as a professional individual not a fresh graduate. You need to look and act professional.

UPLOAD. Register and upload your resume to different job portals and start applying to positions that you want. It's important to become visible as early as possible. If someone called then great, if none, then keep on trying.

SAVINGS. Start saving. Based on your plan and research, how much is your target amount before going here? You need to know how long you intend to stay here if in case you did not get a job sooner than you expected. You have to make sure you are financially prepared.

Well there are a lot of things that you should consider before going here in Singapore or anywhere that you want to go. Especially if your plan is to find a job and live there for quite some time. You can't just go here just because some of your friends went and succeed in landing a good job. You can't just go and expect that you'll get a job because God is with you. You need to work closely with HIM. 

It will take a lot of patience and faith. It won't be very easy. It will be sometimes stressful. You will become depressed. You will miss your life before you went here. You will miss the people you left. You will miss the simple things you can't find here. You will miss the life you used to live. But you know what's so great about taking risks? It's the adventure. The stories that you can share. If you failed you will learn a lot that you can use in the future in case you want to give it a try again. If you succeed, well, there's just so much happiness that you will surely feel.. so much happiness that you might cry while thanking HIM and everyone who helped you achieve it. 

The first thing to do is to make sure that you are 100% sure of what you're going to do. You will take risks. It doesn't guarantee that you'll succeed but it's not impossible to achieve your goals if you are determined and courageous enough to make them come true. You must have a plan. Do your research. Make sure you are PREPARED in all aspects. You must also have inspiration to keep you motivated. You can cry along the way when it's becoming more challenging but don't you dare give up once you start to take your first step towards your goal achievement. 

Ah, you know what's so great when you achieved it? When you succeeded? The happiness of your loved ones. The other thing is that you'll be able to experience more things in life. Then you can tell you children in the future how you succeeded in making your dreams come true. It's good to have dreams in life. Then if you turn them into goals it feels exciting as you try to achieve them. Once you have them, it feels amazingly crazy when you tell people that you are living your dream. Your goal that once a dream is now your life. Get what I mean? Hah! Oh well, that's it. As what I said before, MISTAKES are okay, but REGRETS? It sucks. Wishing you did something when you had a chance but you were so scared and careful not to risk anything. Asking yourself, "what if I did it?", "what if I tried?", WHAT IF?

Do something that you can do today. While you can, TRY.. at least TRY.

This is just one of the entries that I'll post about working and living in Singapore. Watch out for more. :)

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