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PDA stands for Public Display of Affection. I used to feel irritated when I see couple showing so much sweetness in public like hugging, kissing, etc. But now I realized that in some countries it's no big deal as long as it's not too much. If you're so sweet in a way that you are french kissing for a minute in public, then get the hell away from public and get a room!

Anyway, I wrote about this because I find it sweet for men to show sweetness towards their partner. For women it's nothing but normal to act cute, childish, sweet when they're with their partner, but for men to do that? For some they might consider it as not a very manly thing to do, and that those things should only be done by us, women..which by the way is wrong!

For me, I find someone more attractive when he does extraordinary sweet things for his partner whether in private or public. Holding hands whether you're with your family or friends or somewhere else, posting your photos or posting just about anything about your partner, etc...

Isn't it sweet for your partner to do those things. I mean, can't expect that he or she'd always do those stuffs especially when the person is really not that expressive, but once in a while, it will be really great if you'd try to do that. It's like you telling 'hey look at how great it is to have a partner like him/her'

I wrote it because I just noticed a friend of mine who is a 'guy' who loves posting sweet stuffs for her girlfriend and I just find it really admirable. He is incredibly sweet. They've been together for years already but it's as if they've just started being couple weeks ago. So sweet.

Sometimes girls would also love to know that you are proud to have them in your life. A little sweetness in public won't hurt your pride, right? Sometimes you can't just show that sweetness in private.. it's much better if you'll sometimes make the whole world know how proud and thankful you are to have her. Well, maybe I'm being so demanding right now, but trust me, we, girls just love those stuffs! ^.~

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