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Taken for Granted...

Relationships and Being Taken for GRANTED
By Kelly P. Turner

Taking someone for GRANTED is an ACT committed by all individuals at some point in their lives. What's more, the role will reverse and we will do the same. It's human nature but not kind at all.

When GOD blesses you with someone or something who inspires you to be and do better, who sacrifices themselves to make sure you are okay, who has your best interest at heart, never take that person for GRANTED, Never ASSUME that that person will always have your back. As quick as GOD blesses you with one of his Angels, he can change that person's heart and remove them from you. Don't become so comfortable because you know that person is there for you, it will backfire. 

Even if you never have to ask for help, even if that person looks forward to helping you, even if that person foresees an issue and jumps in and helps NEVER EVER, assume that he/ she will ALWAYS come to your rescue.

Sure it's nice to know that you have been very good to a person, but being taken for granted is unacceptable. 

When one helps and doesn't want to see you hurting or in a bind, this person really cares for or LOVES you. When you love someone, sacrificing yourself goes along with territory, however, gratitude and appreciation needs to be not only expressed but shown. The last thing one needs is to feel unappreciated or taken for granted, That will make a person look at you differently or feel as though you are using them. A part of the problem with taking someone for granted is you have become spoiled to their good deeds. Also, instead of asking, you hint around about your problems, hoping they will rescue them.  Not only that, NEVER tell a person, "I don't have to ask, because I know you will offer." THAT is a CLASSIC example of taking someone for GRANTED. You are assuming they will be there for you, YOU ARE TAKING THAT PERSON FOR GRANTED. The sad part is you don't even know it, you have probably become spoiled to being treated very well by this person, something you may not be used to, so you slowly become ungrateful. It natural to unconsciously take someone for granted especially if he/she is always nice to you, but if your loved one, expresses this to you, it is because he/she FEELS it and you have been warned. Now if you deny taking someone for granted, chances are you will continue or until your loved cuts you off or leaves. At that point you realize your bad behavior, since now you realize what you had and now ITS GONE. Whether you ask or not, NO-ONE has to do anything for you, NO-ONE. You should be grateful that someone loves you enough to care for you when you are faced with many obstacles. Relationships have been ruined because of ungrateful people.

At some point in our lives, we all take someone for granted and we are all taken for granted. What's more important is, when approached with this issue, don't deny or shy away, people know when they are being taken for granted, Also, if the person decides to NOT help you, leaving their presence is a great sign of not appreciating their efforts or being ungrateful.  It's almost like, since you didn't help me, I may as well leave.  THAT IS TAKING SOMEONE FOR GRANTED. So here is what I suppose you do if you feel you are being taken for GRANTED.

Stop helping that person
Don't offer anymore help, generally when you take something away from someone they learn to appreciate and not repeat the same behavior
Discuss it with your Partner/Friend
Learn to say no
Don't sacrifice yourself
Allow that person to find another way

At the end of the day, you will lose a very good thing when you continue to take someone for granted. Also if you continue to give, you will start to feel used and then become angry and that can lead to more problems.

It's rude and selfish to take someone for granted and the best way to teach someone like this, is to TAKE YOUR KINDNESS back and let them see exactly what he/she had.  But by then, it's usually too late. So, appreciate what GOD has blessed you with and show your gratitude. Treat that person like today is there LAST DAY.

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