An online diary of someone who tends to forget easily.

Ups and Downs

Once you find someone to share your ups and downs, downs are almost as good as ups.
~Robert Brault

It feels good to be in love especially if it's your first time to feel it. I love that feeling and I want to feel that over and over again with the same person that I chose to love. It's great to be childish sometimes, act cute, ask how much he loves you, etc.. It feels so good to love and be loved like it's your first love. The only difference is that this time you're so determined to make sure that the mistakes of the past won't happen in your present and soon to be your future.

Pet names. Too much PDA. Simple sweet surprises. Cute couple stuffs. Branding he/she is taken (by giving your partner a ring or anything that will tell any guy that look at her know that you already have her). Hmmm.. what else.. seems to be so childish right? But we girls just love it especially when you show other people how proud you are to have us.. that will eventually somehow boost our self esteem.. i guess.. haha! I always talk about love.. love.. love.. i love too much.. maybe that's why whenever i'm hurt it feels like hell haha! Anyway, I really hope I can start blogging our experiences here in SG.. I'll try to write about it this weekend. 

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