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Life in SG: 1 Year

July 1 marks our first year here in SG. I can't believe how time flies so fast that it's already been a year since we set foot in this country with a goal that we tried so hard to achieve. I'm just so happy and proud with everything that we chose to do and everything that we were able to do. 

I can still remember how we planned everything before going here. As what I have mentioned in my previous post, it is important to be well informed and prepared before going anywhere far from home and especially if you're staying for a long period of time. Anyway, so last year, same date, July 1 is our flight from PH to SG. I remember that it is supposed to be an early morning flight but because of 4 hours delay we had to wait inside the airport. Going to the airport I was not with my parents because we agreed that I'll just go with Gyun Wo's family, maybe to avoid crying too much or what hehe! So there, from the gasoline station (our meeting place) I bid my parents good bye by hugging and kissing them.

At the airport someone helped us to check-in our luggage, and told us the process from check-in to boarding, etc. After a while his parents left as well and we were left in DMIA. We took pictures, ate sandwich for breakfast, and waited. I forgot what we've talked about while waiting, I just remember being scared, a bit nervous, excited, sad, etc. Hehe! I tried to distract myself by watching a movie with Gyun Wo.. so I won't cry. 

After hours of waiting we headed to our boarding gate and went inside our plane. It's our first time to ride a plane so I was excited during take off.. it's like riding a roller coaster but not so scary like RC! It's a 4-hour flight so we tried to take a nap but I was not able to do that haha! After 4 hours we've reached Singapore. The queue for passport stamping in the immigration is quite long I don't know if it's because July is the month when a lot of tourists come to SG or what. When our passports were stamped with 30 days of stay, we headed to the baggage counter to get our luggage.

When we got our luggage we went out to look for our former colleagues who promised that they'll fetch us from the airport. We looked around and few minutes later, we found 'Toy'. We took the free shuttle from Changi airport to somewhere I forgot. Before going to SG Gyun Wo was able to find a place where we can stay for a month or two so that's where we headed next. When we reached the MRT station, we bought EZLink card, a card that you have to use when taking bus and trains. You'll need to load it so you can use it. 

 When we found the house where we will be staying for months we placed our luggage there and went out with our friends. We had dinner with 'Toy'. 'Rye' was not able to join our dinner because he needs to go somewhere else but he's with us when we are looking for the house where we rent a room in Hougang. When we're done eating, Toy also left and then we went back to our new home.

The next thing we did is to unpack our things, organize them, took a shower, and then I can't remember what else we did, Hah! I don't also remember if I cried that night, well, maybe I did. We are both close to our families and getting SMS from them telling us how much they miss us already is enough to make us feel homesick that very day. Being a crybaby, I cried many times when I miss them, but as time go by, we learned to get used to it and just focus on the happy side instead of being sad which is not healthy for all of us.

So, that's it. That's our first day in SG. I know I've already blogged some of our experiences before when we are still new here. But since it's our anniversary, I want to blog it again. Haha!

That's how our adventure started...

I'll try to write more about our life in SG soon.. stay tuned. :>

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