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Life in SG: Food

If there is one word that I can use to describe the food in Singapore that would be 'HEALTHY'. Yes, correct, the food are mostly healthy. 

A lot of food stalls or canteen-like stores which are popularly known as HAWKERS can be found all around Singapore. Since most of the people here are too busy at work that they don't have time to cook as they get home, they have Hawkers where they can go and have their favorite meal with friends, colleagues, families, etc. There are stores that offers Western Food such as fried chicken, fries, etc. Food chains such as KFC, McDonalds, Burger King, PizzaHut, etc. can also be found here. Most of the stores offers Asian Food such as Thai, Korean, Japanese, Chinese, Malaysian, Indonesian, and even Indian food.

At first I don't have any idea what the food taste like until I have tried them. If you're thinking that most of the food includes noodles you are not mistaken. Most of them offers noodles cooked in varieties. 

To be honest the food does not look so appetizing, it does not taste so good, but it is definitely healthy as it contains many vegetables and different spices and ingredients which are all beneficially good for our body. 

I'm not also good at remembering the names of the food that we always order. Hehe! Most of the time I just point at them or tell them which meal number or food number I want to order so I won't confuse the order taker. Here, you need to use simple and direct English to make things easier to understand. 

For example, if you are buying food but you want to take it home so you can eat there, you can say '1 tapaw or takeaway' and then point at the food you want. But if it's store displays photos with numbers and name of each food, then you can just say '1 number 3' and better yet you can mention the name. '1 number 3 Char Siew Rice', something like that. There are instances that even if you said the number correctly they will end up giving you the food that you did not choose to order. In some hawker stores you'll need to choose 1 meat and 1 veggie combo meal. 

Aside from 'Hawkers' that can be found almost anywhere especially near HDB houses, they also have 'Kopitiam' which is similar to hawkers only that these are usually found at the mall which means it's slightly more expensive to eat here especially because it's air conditioned and it's located at the mall.

My fave food so far are the ffg: 
KOREAN - Saba Fish meal set, Chicken/Beef meal set, Bulgogi, and many more except Bibimbob because it's so spicy and I think I've had enough of it when we're still in PH haha!

THAI - sweet and spicy chicken wings and meatballs

INDONESIAN - I looooove the grilled/barbequed chicken and their grilled stingray fish, each meal is served with coleslaw salad and fried tofu as side dishes.. 

JAPANESE - the ramen they serve here tastes good but its expensive so its not really my favorite. Haha! I like buying different kinds of sushi though in Cold Storage! Hah!

CHINESE - Chicken rice but I prefer to order Pork rice, pork rib noodle soup (our favorite breakfast every Sunday morning after jogging! taste like 'bachoy' or 'mami' food in PH.. well I love the meals they serve especially with veggies.. sorry can't remember the names.. they all taste good but be careful for those which can be so spicy especially Indian food. 

INDIAN/MALAY - I'm not sure if it is Indian food or Malay but I also like the food in 'Nasi Padang' store! I usually order beef, tofu, shrimp with veggies, etc.

FILIPINO - since we miss our food in PH we usually go to Orchard (a place in Singapore where you can find Lucky Plaza a place filled with Filipinos) so we can eat Filipino food like sinigang, lumpiang shanghai, kare-kare, and many more. Sadly most of the hawkers here does not serve Filipino food, I don't know why.

Oh and another thing that you need to know, the meals being served in hawkers here does not include drinks. You'll need to buy separately for your drink. There is usually one stall where it solely serves drinks and desserts where you can buy or you can wait for 'uncle' (an old man) who is often walking around asking the people what drinks to order and once he gave your drinks that's the time you need to pay. I usually order 'barley', 'teh si' (hot milk tea), or 'teh si ping' (iced milk tea).

Milk Tea is very popular here. It's like it's the country's most famous drink! Hah! Be it a bubble tea, hot milk tea, classic milk tea, flavored milk tea, they all have it here. They all taste so good. I love milk tea but I don't like chewing tons of black pearls! I don't know maybe because I'm just too lazy to chew, I just want to savor the sweetness of the tea. Hah!

The price range for food starts from S$3 and above and that does not include drinks yet. You can get a meal in a hawker for S$3 but if you're going to eat in Kopitiam expect it to be more expensive. There are also food courts inside the malls where you can eat which is again more expensive than the price that you'll need to pay if you're eating in a hawker.

The food that they serve in Hawkers, Kopitiam, and Food Courts are almost exactly the same. There's slightly difference in the price and variety plus the environment of course.

Oh I almost forgot, you might also see elders walking around the hawker, kopitiam, or food court looking for people who are done eating and approaching their table to get the dirty plates, glass, etc and place them on a section for cleaning.. it's normal. Sometimes they wait for you to finish your meal and asks you to confirm you're really done eating so they can clean the table. Why? So when you leave, they won't need to rush to clean it for the next people who will use the table. And maybe they find themselves productive whenever they clean a lot of tables.

Sometimes I pity them because at their age they should just stay at home, relax, spend time with their family and enjoy the best of their life.. but instead they need to wake up early or go home late because they need to work and earn money for themselves or their families. I guess they have their own reasons, but if I'm their daughter I'd want them to just stay at home to relax and enjoy being old. 

I'm sure you can get more information about the food in SG by asking Google. This is all I can share for now. I also think it's better to just try the food for yourself and experience it instead of me telling you what to eat, right?

Stay tuned for more information about my observation while 'temporarily' living in Singapore.

Here are some of the photos I took when we are just starting to live our new life here in SG. Food-shots! 

My favorite Red Bean Bun bread. Best eaten when it's freshly baked!

Ice kachang (dessert), bandung drink (don't like), and bibimbob

Variety of meat, fish, veggies, with soup meals

Spicy Noodles, RBB bread, and Barley ( I asked for mineral water and I got this sweet drink that I love)

Forgot the name but it's like turo-turo

Choose a number from varieties of desserts being served at the hawker

Looks like PH's Halo-Halo right?

Hotdog sandwich, fries, and iced milo after a quite long walk

Milk Tea!!!!

Egg Tarts

Meat and Veggies from Hawker

Pork something.. forgot the name.. XD

Noodle soup (don't remember the exact name)

Noodles galore!

Noodles in hot pot.. healthy.. tasty seafood noodle soup..

Some meals are often served with free soup

Ice Kachang (not a fan but Gyun Wo is)


Forgot the name -_-

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