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Life in SG: First Haircut

In this post I will write about my experience about my first haircut in SG. Well, at first I'm not really rushing into getting it cut because I still love my waves but whenever I look in the mirror I feel sad when I see how dry and damage it looks like even if I've already had a Keratin Hair Treatment in the Philippines last April. It doesn't look healthy. It's color becomes too bright. It's dry. It's ugly. It's long. Then seeing it's condition, I decided to browse great salons here. I want a salon that does not cost much but the quality of service is close to superb. Know what I mean? Hah! Anyway, I started browsing, googling on different haircuts that will look good on me and a cut that will hide my chubby cheeks. Haha! I also checked on different salons here.

Gyun Wo suggested to try Kobayashi salon in Orchard Far East Plaza. He once been there and he is satisfied with the service so he decided that he will always go there for his monthly haircut.I've read great reviews about the salon so I agreed that it's a good choice. Salon - checked.

Next, haircut. Which oooooooooone???! I've downloaded a lot of photos from Google and check them one by one. Haircuts such as bob, layered bob, pixie cut, medium layered cut, medium shaggy, until I saw a photo of my fave actress in The Vampire Diaries TV series. Candice Accola. I checked on her hairstyles and found one that really caught my attention. So, yeah, there, haircut - checked.

August 8. Our monthsary. It's a holiday here in SG. We decided to go out and get our hair cut in Kobayashi salon! I forgot what time we arrived in the salon but I remember waiting for quite some time. As we approached the salon, we were told to wait and served green tea. Stylist for Gyun Wo arrived after few minutes of waiting and he started chopping his hair after GW instructed what hairstyle he wants to have. Then a pretty and tall girl approached me and started talking Chinese! I said Sorry and she's surprised because she thought I'm Chinese. She told me to wait for a while since she needs to blow dry the hair of another customer. I said it's fine and then she left. So.. I waited.. and waited.. and waited. I've checked on the 3 magazines given to me. I've tweeted and checked on the tweets of my friends. I checked on Facebook. I waited for like I don't know the exact time but it was quite longer than I expected.

After the long wait she came to me and talked about some things I can't recall. I showed her the photo of Candice with the hairstyle I want to have. Then after the chitchat we went to the section where I was asked to lie down and then she started washing my hair. We talked about quite a lot of things like me hating hairstyles that emphasize my chubby face, she thought we were tourists, she thought we were Chinese, she said my eye lashes are long, and then she offered me the special Shampoo and Conditioner from Japan especially made for Damaged Hair like mine. I agreed to use it on my hair which will cost an additional $10 on my bill. She washed and massaged my head. It felt good and relaxing. I had fun talking to her though sometimes I don't understand so I just nod and laugh but in my mind I was like ('What??? Oookaaay.. Whatever. You're nice so I'll just laugh.)

When she's done washing my hair and massaging my head, she gave me a poster where she pointed the shampoo and conditioner that she used for my hair. After a while she started cutting my long wet waves. At first she cut it in a not so short length and asked me if I like it, I told her 'shorter' which means cut it shorter. And she did. Then she showed me again and asked if that's fine and I said 'yes' while nodding. So she continued cutting. 

Then after the cutting part she started drying and styling it. When Gyun Wo's done he told me he will go first to walk around the mall and then paid for our bill. So, she continues to style my hair and I noticed that she tried to do the hairstyle of Candice in the photo I showed her. After a few minutes it's done! The result? Mmm.. at first I thought I look older than I actually am! Haha! But I smiled at her, nodded, and thanked her. I went to the reception and asked if my bill is paid to confirm Gyun Wo paid the correct amount since he might not know the additional fee for the shampoo and conditioner. The man confirmed GW paid already and then he gave me his business card and so is the stylist who did my haircut. Haircut for women costs $38, for men it's $28.

After leaving the salonI directly went to the washroom to check how is it. I look at myself, my hair, and I realized I love it. It looks great! I'm happy! Hah! Then I called GW to know where he went while waiting for me. When he saw me he told me the cut looks good on me so that made me even happier. His cut is short too and it made him look younger than me. -_- Hah!

So there, that's my experience for my first haircut in SG. By the way, my stylist is Vivian. She is known to be one of the best stylist in Kobayashi salon in Orchard. She is always being requested by customers and I'm happy she's the one who did my hair. She's friendly, bubbly, and pretty. Oh and she's TALL! Hah! If I'd be asked to rate my experience, salon, and stylist in Kobayashi I'd give it a 5 out of 5. I'd definitely go there again next time. 

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