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Life in SG: Job Hunt

What I will share in this blog post is about my experience finding and landing a job in Singapore. I can't think of a word to describe it.. what I know is in the end HE did not let me fail. HE is with me from the very start. HE did not disappoint me. HE challenged me big time but when I found a job I knew that HE just did test me. So let me share with you what I've been through.

As soon as we arrive in SG last July of 2012 we started joining job portals, uploading our resumes, updating our profiles, applying for our target IT positions, and many more. In short, we did a full blast job hunting from day one. Luckily for Gyun Wo he was able to land a job in a matter of weeks of staying in SG. As for me, it took months and within those months I've been really challenged.

I forgot the exact date when I was first called and asked to attend for an interview. But I remember being jealous and worried every time Gyun Wo's phone ring and there's just a lot of calls and interview invites that he received. He is really in-demand. Hah! Me? I was like sending over and over again. Resending. Searching. Waiting. Worrying. Praying. Crying. Hoping. Then I was called for an interview for the position of Technical Writer. I was interviewed by two persons. Asked me about my work experiences and personal details. After that I was called again for a second interview. I was excited. I was hoping I have a big chance I'll get the job. I was interviewed by someone who looks like a boss. I was asked to do an essay about any topic I like. After the interview I met Gyun Wo who on that same day got an interview as well when he's still unemployed. Hehe. We were really hoping I'll be hired but unfortunately I wasn't. After days of waiting and making follow-ups I was told I will be called in case that I'm chosen for the position. But there's no call. No email confirmation. Nothing. Which means I did not qualify for the position or they did not like me enough.

After that interview I continued on my daily routine. I'm searching, updating my profile, and submitting CVs from morning til 8pm I guess. I keep on sending my applications. I keep on hoping, praying, though most of the times I'm crying and worrying I might not land a job. I only have limited time to stay in SG as tourist so it really bothered me. 

After a month of no luck, I applied for E-xtend and luckily it was approved so I was given another 30 days of stay here. Then I got another interview and I felt I did well and I have a big chance again especially because they told me they are looking for 4 testers. Actually I was called by an agency and scheduled an interview for me. While I'm on my way to the location and on my way home I keep on telling HIM to let it be it. Hoping this is it. Let HIM give this to me especially if HE think I deserve it. If not, I'll still try until I succeed. I keep on telling - "'Please let this be it. Let this be it. Please. Please. Please." The interview is pretty okay. It's normal. I told the interviewer everything she needs to know. Then it was done after minutes of talking. I went home and again.. waited. Days passed but I did not get confirmation that I was chosen to work there. 

After 2 months of stay and I did not get a job Gyun Wo and I went to Indonesia for vacation. It's a long story but it's more of like that. Vacation. We enjoyed the weekend getaway because of the Balinese massage, buffets, and the great hotel where we stayed. After the vacation we were back to SG and my passport was stamped with 30 days of stay. 30 days. I only have 30 days to do everything I could to get a job.

Then the agent called me again to tell me that she recommended me to another person from the same company and I was sent out for interview. But this time it's like more of discussion of what I'll expect if I get accepted. It's not really a typical interview. The person who talked to me discussed the process and what I should be doing if hired. She looks nice and smart. After that I got a call and email from the agent telling me to send them important documents to process my work permit. At first I was just in a hurry to send them my scanned docs and filled up forms they sent me.I asked Gyun Wo if this means I'm hired and he said probably yes. I was confused because the agent did not directly told me I passed the interview. Well then she processed my work permit. I went somewhere for the medical exam. Then I was advised on when I was expected to start working. After that I began living my dream. I was able to work and live somewhere far from home. I learned a lot of things. I feel so blessed.

So now you see how tough it can be. I know from the moment I decided to leave my job in PH and flew here that it's a big jump. It's risky. It's scary. I know there's a possibility that I won't get a job and I won't have any choice but to go back to PH and work there again. But the thing is, I worked hard. I prayed so hard. I believed in myself. My faith became stronger. I did everything I could to succeed and I did. It wasn't easy. I cried many times. I worried a lot. But that did not stop me from doing the best that I can to go forward and try again. It wasn't easy but it is not impossible. The more that I'm scared that I won't get a job, the more persistent I become to do everything I can to make sure I'll get one. 

It's been a difficult experience but I did not remember myself wanting to give up or considering the option to give up. You know why? Because this is my dream from the very beginning. It's my promise to myself and to my family. A dream that became a promise, then became a goal, a plan, and eventually it turns out to be my life now. I'm living my dream this is what I always say. My dream I couldn't believe that I made it to reality. I was not alone in the journey. There are a lot of people who helped me. Most of all, God did not let me fail my mission when HE saw how I determined I am to succeed no matter how hard it is. 

I guess I only have some advice I want to share with you based on my experience. Dream. Believe in yourself. Work Hard. Have Faith. Do your best. Do not be afraid. Be Thankful no matter what the outcome.. and Do Not Give Up. :)

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